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Fort Worth Magazine's 

Top Attorney 2010-2019


Experienced tax attorney 

Daily existence can seem daunting and downright depressing when you’ve piled up a lot in tax and back tax debts. No matter how hard you try, you just cannot keep up with the mounting penalties and interest and other addition to tax. Living in endless fear of the IRS and the laws of the IRS seems to be your new normal. You need help and you need it fast!  Great news, we are here to help!
Don’t live with the heavy burden of unrelenting Tax Debt, IRS Bank Levies, IRS Liens, IRS Wage Garnishment, Payroll Tax Trouble, Offer In Compromise, Penalty Abatement and much more, let the Tax Professionals at Mark Lane Law Offices guide you in every step of the way out of the dark pit of tax debt.  Call today and sleep better tonight knowing help is on the way.  Call 817-727-9260 for help.
We are a team of experienced tax professionals comprising of Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents, with extensive experience in tax and tax related issues. We have served hundreds of  clients advocating and negotiating directly with the IRS on their behalf.  We offer our clients piece of mind knowing our team is hard at work resolving their tax issues. We offer highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing all types of solutions to a variety of tax related issues to all. Give us a call today and explore benefits of our free consultation and learn how our Tax Relief Services can benefit you and your family’s future. Together we will begin your journey out of tax debt and freedom from the fear of the IRS. 
It’s time to make the call that will change your life around your IRS tax debt.  What are you waiting for? Give our office a call today at 817-377-1077.
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