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Call (817) 377-1077 Best Child Custody Attorney.

Protect your family.

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Whether you and your spouse have reached an agreement on custody and visitation schedules or you are anticipating a major custody battle, we are experts on Texas Child Custody Law.


Child Custody Issues? Talk To Top Family Lawyer. Get Child Custody Answers Now.

Child Custody laws in Texas can be critical and problematic. As an experienced custody attorney for over 21 years, we at Mark Lane Law Offices will safeguard you and your children's future excellent and competent representation when handling your child custody issues.  


Don't put the future of your child or children in the hands of anyone but a leader in the field of Family Law.


For more information about Child Custody and Visitation refer to our FAQ or Blog page or contact Mark Lane Law Offices now at 

817-377-1077 to speak to an attorney.

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