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About Mark Lane Law Offices

Let a Top Rated Divorce Attorney help you find your way.

When you are facing a life-changing event, such as, divorce, child custody issue or other family law cases, it can be overwhelming – we know that at Mark Lane Law Offices. With more than 25 years of  experience litigating on our clients' behalf, you can focus on recovering, instead of finding yourself worried about your court case. Let a Top Rated Divorce Attorney to help you find your way.

Fort Worth Magazine's 

Top Attorney 2010-2019

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Aggressive Divorce Lawyer, Mark Lane Law Office

Hire an Aggressive Divorce Lawyer that will Protect You and Your Children.

Whether you are filing for divorce, fighting for custody of your children, or facing any number of legal issues, it just not going to be a good experience, no matter the circumstances around it.  Having an attorney who shares your values and beliefs may help you through the process. 

Why would you consider choosing an attorney who doesn't share your faith. A Christian divorce attorney will be able to appreciate how your divorce impacts your core values and beliefs. As part of the process, you will be called upon to share some very private information with the person you choose to represent you. This process is easier with a person that is compassionate and understanding.  

Make no mistake, being a Christian Attorney doesn't mean that Mark Lane isn't aggressive divorce lawyer.  At Mark Lane Law Offices, we are not afraid of a fight and we prepare for it with every case.  It's not always necessary, but if it is you will have the most aggressive attorney in Tarrant, Dallas, Parker, Johnson County there is.  

Mark Lane is well respected by his peers and has a reputation for getting the job done.  Many of our referrals come from "the other side" or in other words people that Mark Lane has come against and won the case send their friends and family to us because they know what we are capable of.

Often a new client will hire the Mark Lane Law Offices based on a story they have heard of Mark Lane dominating in the courtroom.  Mark Lane 
Law Offices gets hired many times as a "second attorney", in other words when their first attorney fails they seek out an attorney the can "clean up the mess".  

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