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Need a Divorce?  What you need to know.


Best Divorce Attorney In DFW

You're not alone.

Creative Legal Solutions for Client’s Unique Situation

With extensive experience in law, we know that no divorce case is ever the same. Each Divorce case requires a comprehensive analysis and discussion regarding a client’s goals. Often using Mediation as a method, parties are able to achieve an amicable and fast divorce. With other couples,  the courts are necessary to reach a solution during a contested divorce. Depending on the circumstances and details of your divorce Mark Lane Law Offices will explore options such as mediation, negotiation, or litigation. Regardless of the obstacles you are faciing our team has the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to assist you from the beginning of your case until the resolution.

Divorce With Kids Or Divorce Without Kids

Hiring the Best Divorce Attorney when facing Divorce in Texas can be difficult. Making the decision to Divorce is one of the most complex and overwhelming life events for you and your family. Having the correct information is imperative to the rest of you and your children's lives. Hiring Mark Lane Law Offices gives you the opportunity to protect you and your families future. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mark Lane Law Offices is dedicated to making your Divorce case as easy as it could possibly be.  


​When you are going through divorce, you need to ensure the divorce lawyer you choose has plenty of experience in the field. With over 21 years of legal experience, our team at the Mark Lane Law Office knows what it takes to get clients the results they need to move forward.  Filing for divorce can be one of the most overwhelming and emotionally draining challenges you will experience.  No two individuals are going through the same exact situation and, when you work with us, we will provide the personalized attention you need to work through your divorce as favorably as possible.


Don't put your future in the hands of anyone other than Mark Lane Law Offices.  With over 21 years experience, we will be there for you in your time of trouble.

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​Refer to our FAQ  or Blog page for more info on Divorce.

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