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Fort Worth Child Custody Attorney

Child custody and support cases are often difficult and can cause significant stress in you and your children’s lives. There are many types of child custody and child support cases, there’s never a generic case, so expecting a generic solution is not realistic. Divorce, parental incompetence, and a variety of other situations can lead to a court case, child custody hearings and trial. These options are not easy, regardless of the different reasons for a custody hearing. Any child custody cases are particularly important as they deal with the future of a child, and all parties involved should seek to find a custody solution that is in the best interest of the children. The difficult and stressful situation comes from the conflict between parties that believe only they can provide best and make decisions for the children. When such situations become too difficult to manage, it’s necessary take legal action.

Our award-winning Fort Worth Child Custody Attorney is here to fight for you and your children. Our firm was built on the principles of hard work, attention to detail, and outstanding client service. Attorney Mark Lane has 23 years and thousands of cases under his belt and a wealth of knowledge in the Family Law system. As your attorney, he is committed to the successful outcome of your case. We will stand with you and fight tirelessly on your behalf until a resolution is achieved. It is important to us that our clients not only receive their desired results but also that they get the personalized assistance and compassion they deserve while going through such a difficult time in their lives.

Given the gravity of such a decision, it is imperative to have an experienced and dedicated team to guide you through the stressful and often frightening experience of undergoing a custody battle. Here at Mark Lane Law Offices our committed team and experienced DFW Child Custody Lawyer is ready to fight for you in the most effective way possible, making sure to provide both informative and compassionate care of you and your family. We will devise a strong legal strategy for your case while protecting the interests of all concerned, most of all your children. We will make a promise to you that we will do everything we can to help make your life easier during this extraordinarily difficult time.

Call Mark Lane Law Office at 817-377-1077 to speak to an Attorney today.

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