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There are so many advertisements out there for Tax Relief or Tax Debt help, but we urge you to be careful when choosing an experienced Tax Debt Professional. There’s a lot of scams out there, people willing to take your money and promise you things that may not be obtainable for your tax debt situation. These grand promises can bring heartache and further financial ruin in some cases. We offer clients an extensive consultation in order to appreciate you present financial situation? 

When you hire Mark Lane Law Offices you will have a team of highly skilled and seasoned Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, Tax Professionals & Paralegals at your disposal.  Call 817-377-1077 or email your questions to begin your Tax Debt Relief journey.


Offer In Compromise Agreement

This is the type of tax relief with which a few taxpayers have been able to take advantage of resolving their tax issues. However, as a result of strict regulations, just a handful of taxpayers can employ Offer In Compromise to settle their tax debts. You cannot determine when you will become eligible for it as it is something that becomes valid after certain factors. The situation becomes more certain when you are suffering from difficult conditions like natural disaster or accidental injuries. Let's find out if you are eligible for an Offer In Compromise, call our office today 817-377-1077.

Wage Garnishment

In the case of a Wage Garnishment, a notice could be sent to your employer stating that they need to deduct a certain amount from your wage, against the payment of your tax debts until those debts are paid.  Obviously, this can become a real problem for you and your family when you barely have money for your normal expenses. If the IRS has started garnishing your wages you must act immediately to get the garnish lifted, but you can't do it alone.  We can help! Call our office today 817-377-1077.

IRS Bank Account Levy

A levy means that the IRS has the right to take whatever money in a debtor's account and apply the funds to the balance of the Tax Debt. We can help! Call our office today 817-377-1077.

Bank Levy
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