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Setting Up an Installment Agreement

We understand, you want to pay your tax bill, but you need to survive and keep your head above water while paying, but it appears the IRS wants to be paid now!  Doesn’t leave many options, right? Wrong!

At Mark Lane Law Offices, we have negotiated hundreds Installment Agreements with the IRS for our clients.  An Installment Agreement allows you to pay your tax debt through monthly payments, much like your mortgage or rent.  

Mark Lane Law Offices Can Explain Your Options

Our team oftax attorneys and enrolled agentsoffers the appropriate representation during Installment Agreement negotiations, helping you achieve the most advantageous results to your IRS debt issues.  Call Mark Lane Law Offices for a free consultation, and let us get to work on an Installment Agreement that meets your needs.

“But my uncle Jimmy called the IRS and they gave him an Installment Agreement and he can’t afford the payment, so he owes more.”

This is a classic statement we here at Mark Lane Law Office, P.C. and you can call the IRS yourself, however, here’s the issue when working with the IRS on your own: 

  • The IRS is looking out for their best interests, so they will analyze your financial situation from their perspective and put you into an Installment Agreement they deem is acceptable. You will be required to pay regardless of the financial pressure or stress you are under.  Remember, the IRS works under specific deadlines to collect back taxes, penalties, and interest, so they want you to get this debt paid.

  • You may not understand or agree to some of the requirements the IRS may put on you.

The solution is to seek representation from Mark Lane Law Office, P.C. We you’re your IRS issues to heart.  By negotiating with the IRS to settle on a monthly payment doesn’t cause you financial stress. We take your finances into consideration in negotiation with the IRS, so paying off your tax debt as soon as possible is an attainable goal, therein avoiding paying more interest and penalty charges to the IRS every year.

An Installment Agreement Can Offer Additional Advantages

In addition to monthly payments that fit your budget, there are other benefits to Installment Agreements. Upon entering an agreement and it becomes effective, the IRS will: 

  • Suspend the collection process 

  • Remove any bank and wage levies 

  • Stop sending collection notices 

  • Stop harassing phone calls

Let Mark Lane Law Office, P.C. analyze your situation to see if you meet the requirements for an Installment Agreement. The IRS requires you meet certain requirements to be eligible for a monthly payment plan. We can meet with you and go over detailed requirements that must be presented for an Installment Agreement.

Is an Installment Agreement Right for You?

As with other tax options, Mark Lane Law Office, P.C. will appeal the decision if the IRS rejects our request for an Installment Agreement. We have excellent working relationship with the IRS, useful to helping our clients set up a plan for paying off their debts.

An Installment Agreement is just one option when dealing with an IRS issue, we will take the time to discuss all possible solutions.  We will analyze the benefits of an Installment Agreement compared to other options, such as an Offer in Compromise, Currently Not Collectible status, or other solutions available to you.

To discuss options available to you, call or click to set up your free consultation with one of our team at Mark Lane Law Office, P.C.

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