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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with Children During Divorce:

The DO’S and DON'TS of dealing with children during Divorce:


  • Reassure your children that you and the other parent love them and will always take care of them.

  • Reassure your children they still have a family and two parents and the benefits of having 2 homes.

  • Provide as much structure, stability and consistency as possible.

  • Communicate with the other parent by phone, text or email.

  • Share information with the other parent when you learn of school activities, doctor’s appointments, extracurricular activities, etc.

  • Tell your children know it is okay to love the other parent.

  • Reassure your children that they did not cause the divorce.

  • Remember your children’s need for transition time when they return from the other parent’s home.


  • Talk negatively about the other parent.

  • Interrogate your children upon return from the other parent’s house.

  • Argue with the other parent when the children are near.

  • Discuss issues with your children, like child support, hearings, custody or complaints about the other parent.Discuss adult issu

  • Ask your children to choose one parent or the other.

  • Make your children feel guilty for enjoying time with the other parent.

  • Ask your children to keep secrets.

  • Use your children to communicate with the other parent.

  • Expect your children to give you emotional support.

  • Withhold visitation OR child support.


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