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Mark C. Lane

Attorney At Law

At the Mark Lane Law Offices, P.C., we work hard to be the most caring and personal Family Law, Estate Planning and Tax Law Firm in Texas. We work hard to meet the needs and expectations of each of our clients.  We are family owned and operated, we pride ourselves in following family-oriented - customer-minded principles:

  • We are committed to offering QUALITY representation to each and every client.

  • We EMBRACE our responsibility to you and your family and seeking the best outcome possible.

  • We harness the power of EFFICIENCY to use our resources with maximum effort.


A highly awarded attorney for over 25 years and Municipal Judge for 14 years, Mark C. Lane has plenty experience identifying client's goals and developing a creative, comprehensive and efficient strategy to achieve them.  Everyone at Mark Lane Law Offices is prepared to dig in and get busy to make sure the best outcome for you and your children.  

Do you have questions about your Elder Law, Divorce, Child Custody or other Family Law issue? Call 817-377-1077 or BOOK ONLINE for a FREE consultation with an experienced Fort Worth attorney.

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