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Modify Custody and Support Orders with the Help of a Family Law Attorneys

Finalization of your divorce is a long process that not only entails the division of assets but also focuses on child custody. However, divorce and custody orders are not always perfect on the first round. Over time, changes can be made in your order for custody, depending on substantial material change based on statutory grounds.


Major changes that could impact the validity or functionality of your custody order need to be accommodated as soon as possible. For this reason, you need to work with family law attorneysas requests for modification need to meet certain conditions after the divorce.

Family Lawyers at Mark Lane Law Offices Can Help You Navigate Custody Changes

With the help of our seasoned family law attorneys, you can get the guidance, assistance and legal advice to smoothen out any issues you have in mind. Our attorney can help you get modifications on the following grounds:


1.  Child Custody

Child custodyis determined based on the best interest of the child, but if circumstances change after the divorce, a modification can be requested. Modifying a Child Custody Order post-divorce may be considered by the Family Law Court under certain circumstances, such as Material or Substantial Change to modify custody. Similarly, failure to provide the child with a nurturing environment that meets their needs can also result in the modification of the custody order.


2.  Visitation 

Changes in visitation rights can be requested on the basis of neglect, abuse or endangerment of the child. Family violence, alienation, or other acts that disregard the needs of the child can make it necessary to modify custodyand visitation rights.

3.  Child Support

Based on the financial status of the parent, changes might be requested in child support being paid. This not only pertains to when one has a promotion with higher pay. It also relates to asking for a reduction in the amount on the basis of joblessness, inability to find work, bankruptcy or debt.

Working with Family Law Attorneys

When requesting a modification in your order, you need to work with experienced family law attorneys who can ensure that you get the desired results. All requests not only need to be made in due fashion, but they also need to provide evidentiary proof to substantiate the reason for modification. 

  • For changes in child custody and visitation rights, proof of abuse, neglect and endangerment to the child’s life has to be established. 

  • For changes in child support, proof of change in financial status or earning capacity has to be showcased. 

Failure to do so can result in fines or penalties and in some cases, the motion for modification may be dismissed. With the help of our experienced family law attorneys, you can bypass the confusion and get the change you wanted. 

With our years of experience and knowledge in Texas Family Law, we can ensure that you get the modification you are looking for. To get a consultation with us, please call us at 817-377-1077 or email us at for more information. 

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