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​​Any legal issue can be tough, but facing a divorce, child custody issue or probating the will of a loved one is likely to be one of the most significant events in your lifetime. Or maybe you are dealing with the death of a loved one and the stress of probating the will is a daunting task. Whatever your situation, making the right decision on an attorney is critical to a successful outcome.  Unfortunately, the issues of divorce or probating a will is real and it can be very destructive to your life, not to mention the lives of your children, family, etc. 

At Mark Lane Law Offices, we start with compassion and expertise that is unmatched.  We will lead you through this process with dignity and integrity and seek a successful resolution to whatever your divorce, family law, probate or personal injury issue is. Don't let your divorce, family law, probate or personal injury issue destroy you.  

We truly care and pray for all of our clients.  We understand how hard divorce, custody fights, child support issues, paternity issues and many other family law issues can be as well as the toll probate of a will or personal injury has on your life. At Mark Lane Law Offices we will always seek a peaceful resolution for you and your family, but when the other side wages war with you, we will roll up our sleeves and fight for what is right.

Mark Lane has more than 16 years of legal experience and has handled over 3500 cases. He cares and he will protect you and your rights.  Areas that pertain to family law can be, but not limited to the following:

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Divorce:  Our law firm has handled over 4200 cases for 17+ years, helping Texans through the divorce process.

Child Custody and Visitation:   Whether you and your spouse have reached an agreement on custody and visitation schedules or you are anticipating a major custody battle, Mark Lane Law Offices and our experienced family law lawyers are experts on Texas Child Custody Law.

Child Support:  People are typically confused on Texas Child Support Laws, Mark Lane Law Offices can help you understand what child support is specifically designated for and how much you will pay or be paid.  We can also file your enforcement for non payment or evaluate if you are paying too much.

Post-divorce Modifications:  Your existing divorce settlement agreement may not work anymore. If you need help to modify spousal support, custody, visitation schedule or child support. 


Paternity:  Understanding parental rights under Texas law can be daunting, let Mark Lane Law Offices clarify your rights.

Adoption:  Adoption is an extremely complicated process, whether your adoption invokes step-parent, domestic or international adoption you will need help even if you are using a reputable agency.  Get the advice of an attorney to save yourself time, money and potential heartache.


Personal Injury:

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